Edison Pain Management Doctor

Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient with Dr He since 2009 when I was admitted to overlook hospital. She is extremely nice and has always treated me with concern and respect. She understand my problem with pain. I am a surgical scrub tech in the field for many years and have seen multiple pain docs and she is the one who really takes care of me. Twos week ago, I had a sudden excruciating pain when I was working at my garden. Since I could not wait, I just went to the ER nearby my home and got a shot by an on-call doc. When I woke up the following day, I felt even worse. I know it was not working. Then I called Dr He’s office and explained my situation. Dr. He was fully booked on that day, however, the office staff was nice enough to squeeze me in as the last patient for the day. I got an injection that day, but I felt sorry that I kept both Dr he and one of her staff girls staying late to help me. I felt much better that night and the pain went away completely the following day. Just would like to give the kudos that Dr He and her staffs deserve.

– Jones

I saw Dr. He two months ago and had a wonderful experience compared to other pain doctors I saw before. I have disc herniation and could not walk down the hall without pain in my leg. I was referred to Dr He by my family doctor who initially referred me to another pain doctor close to my home. However, the other doctor did not help me at all and also very rude. After I complained that to my family doctor. He gave me Dr He’s contact. Even though it is a little bit far from where I live, I decided to give it a try as I cannot tolerate my pain any more. It was smooth to make an appointment. The doctor is busy, but the office staff squeeze me in on a late day appointment after I explained my situation. On the day of the visit, Dr He really listened to me and explained to me the MRI on the computer. She is very kind and patient and very knowledgeable. She provided me a few options to address my concerns. I decided to go with an epidural injection first which was done one week later. It worked well. I still feel very good now more than one month after the injection. I am grateful for her skills and both she and her staffs are very professional and polite.

-Gratefully, Nancy

Dr He and her staff are excellent. I have been working in the medical field for 15+ years. I feel that Dr He really cares and and she tried various procedures to help with my chronic low back pain and really worked. Would recommend the doctor to anyone who has any critical pain.

-T. Craig